Rapid Innovation is the key to Export Tourism Growth in Saskatchewan

By Christian Boyle, Glyph Creative Strategy

Saskatchewan is ready to enter the global export tourism marketplace. The Indigenous Tourism Corridor is leading the way.

Tourism is seeing substantial growth on a global scale. Growth is being driven by multiple trends: the rise of the middle class in China, millennial leisure spending leaning towards experiences over material goods, and the democratization of travel platforms aligning with value-priced airlines and accommodations to name a few. In 2017, this translated into tourism and travel activity contributing 10.4% of total global GDP as well as having a global impact on labour that sees it support 9.9% of jobs globally. For Canada, this translated into 20.8 million export tourism visits in 2017 worth 2.09% of our GDP.

I think we’re ready to enter the export tourism marketplace,

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KOSTA'S FAMILY RESTAURANT IN LA RONGE Has a Rich History That Dates Back to 1965

From left: Gladis Cairo, Winter Miller, Chris Tkach, Tye Bird, Owner Carmen Vancoughnett, Mancil Bell, Prince Ching, Marc Savidan, Angie Schafer, Amanda Thimpsen

These days, Carmen Vancoughnett has a lot on her plate. Vancoughnett is the owner of Kosta’s Family Restaurant in LaRonge. She employs 27 staff members and has two managers to help assist in the operation of the business. To read the article CLICK HERE


Short Term Rentals; Long Term Problems

Further to news related to unlicensed Airbnb’s, the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association is very concerned about short-term rentals, and its effects on communities and the lodging industry.

Home sharing appeals to certain travellers and to homeowners wanting to boost their income.  Platforms that support short term rentals, like Airbnb, maintain that the revenue generated helps people to stay in their own homes.  But the reality is they are corporations that encourage real estate investors who operate short term rentals on a commercial scale. This…

  • Creates conflicts in residential neighborhoods by operating without regard for zoning.
  • Negatively impacts neighbors’ enjoyment of their properties as a result of increased noise, garbage, demand for parking, and partying. 
  • Negatively affects  neighbors’ property values, and
  • Jeopardizes public safety by increasing the risk of criminal activity, such as human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and the drug trade in the neighborhoods where they operate.

The SHHA believes that anyone operating a Short Term Rental Business should be...

  •  Limited to principal residences only
  •  Registered and comply with municipal bylaws
  •  Licensed.

While the SHHA supports a homeowner occasionally renting out a room, we do not support individuals acting as commercial operators and not being subject to the same regulations and taxes as hotels. That is not home sharing, that is a business and it should be recognized as such.


GETTING ON BOARD with the Saskatchewan Palate

Gemma Reichel,  Doug Reichel Wine Marketing   

A few weeks ago at a restaurant I had the pleasure of witnessing a customer’s observation about wine. I was sitting with six of my peers at a table looking at the wine list when one of them looked up, sighed, and said, “Why does every restaurant’s wine look the same? I just want to try a good glass of wine that works!” I couldn’t help but smile and thank my friend as it confirmed what I have known for years…

Saskatchewan palates are waking up to the world of good wines.

I see this evidence everywhere these days; in-store samplings, sales data, store promotions, wine events etc. Saskatchewan wine lovers want new wines from many different regions and countries.  Wines that introduce a new angle and flavour profile.  Wines to enjoy with the daily meal. (Think medium bodied reds from Italy, versatile grape varieties from Portugal, dry style roses from France). All at a price point that allows them to experience these new tastes.   

They are increasingly interested in food that pairs well with wine, and wine that compliments the food. This no longer means buying the cheapest, sweetest or thickest wines available, or bringing the same wine everyone knows to a dinner party. 

My hope with these new Saskatchewan consumer preferences is that it will motivate liquor stores and restaurants to grow their selection of wines. With a wider selection comes better quality. (Hint: It doesn’t always have to do with the price tag!) Good wine will always bring the customer back.

Restaurants and liquor stores all over this province are starting to lean into this new type of Saskatchewan wine consumer, and that is something to celebrate!

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SHOTZ ON ELEVEN owner finds home in hospitality industry

By Jonathan Hamelin

When you examine Herman Zentner’s background, you would assume it was an easy decision for him to enter the hotel and hospitality industry.

His grandfather purchased a hotel in Chamberlain in 1960 and ran the business until he passed away in 1992 after a battle with cancer. Zentner’s grandmother and father then headed up operations. As he was growing up, however Zentner didn’t originally plan to follow in his family’s footsteps.

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THE ICE HOUSE Takes Advantage of New Liquor Regulations

SHHA Member Profile - A conversation with owner Joel Kish 

For over 25 years, The Ice House in Emerald Park has been a great spot to grab a bite to eat, attracting customers from all over the surrounding area. The Ice House is home to the original Iceberg burger -- loaded with pickles, lettuce, onion, tomato, sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese melted into sautéed mushrooms over a beef patty – which can be ordered in an extremely large version called the Glacier Burger.

“It’s been a landmark in the community for a long time,” said owner Joel Kish. “It’s been a great meeting hub in the community"

With The Ice House recently completing a six-month renovation project, the establishment is looking to provide customers with an even greater experience. 

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