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For over 80 years the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA) has been representing the hospitality industry to government, suppliers and the public.  

An SHHA membership is an important business decision that will pay you dividends throughout the year.  We offer programs such as the Hospitality Insurance Program (HIP), NexCash ATM & POS Solutions, Star Quality Accommodation Rating Program, Check In Canada,  Connect Energy Natural Gas Program, NexPay Payment Processing Solutions (A Division of NexCash), Western Financial Group Insurance  Health & Dental Plan, QUASEP Member Discount Program

An SHHA membership can make a positive impact on reducing their overall operating costs.

As well, our partnership with the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council and the Service and Hospitality Safety Association allows members important access to human resource programs and safety education, so critical to your staffing requirements and retention.

We look forward to including you as a member of the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association.


  • Directors of the Board - Directors of the SHHA work on your behalf and sit on committees that provide input on the various services available to members.
  • Voice of the Industry - We work with and for the members of our association. Engaging government on YOUR behalf is the reason we exist.  We are YOUR hospitality association and we believe that government should hear from you clearly and often.
  • Zone Meetings - Zone meetings are held each year at various locations around the province.
  • Newsletter - The SHHA publishes the "Hospitality Saskatchewan" newsletter monthly during the year.
  • Membership Directory - The Directory is the source of information for the SHHA
  • Tourism Saskatchewan - The SHHA has a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our strongest partner.  We continue to work together on many issues that impact and influence our respective industries.  
  • Hotel, Liquor & Restaurant Conference & Tradeshow May 26, 2020 Prairieland Park, Saskatoon.
  • SHHA Group Health & Dental Plan - In partnership with Western Financial Group Insurance, one of Canada's largest and most experienced health benefit management companies, a SHHA membership gives owners, managers and employees access to health and dental insurance coverage.
  • SHHA Commercial & Liability Insurance - Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions, in partnership with with the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA), is the endorsed provider of a specialized insurance program with risk management services for SHHA members across Saskatchewan, providing the right level of coverage for your business.
  • SHHA Energy program - CONNECT Energy is locally owned and dedicated to serving commercial gas users right here in Saskatchewan. With CONNECT Energy, you can lock in your natural gas rate for 5 years and protect yourself from future price spikes.
  • SHHA ATM Program - NEXCASH Solutions offers three customized programs for placement of an ATM in your property.

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